Hey! Lois here, I'm an international Makeup Artist, Beauty Presenter, Trainer and product junkie.

My makeup journey began when I was 17. In college I took media studies (the option everyone takes when they want to sit around and watch movies for grades) and in one assignment we had to create an ad campaign for a film. Whilst tearing out pages from glossy magazines and looking at the makeup images, I found myself wondering ‘how the hell do they do that?’, so I started roping my friends in to try the looks out. That’s when I realised I really had a passion for makeup and everything it embodies. 

Since those college days I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of the best cosmetics houses that exist, starting out with Space NK and moving on to work as a Saturday girl for MAC, where I rapidly worked my way up to being a Resident Trainer and got to share my absolute product-junkie passion with their staff. I’ve headed up teams that have created looks for Revlon and have recently been commissioned to join them as a freelancer trainer and product specialist. I’m a complete product junkie, I mean, I have an entire jar of black kohl liners and I know which one I would need for any look! Trust me, they are not all the same…

As a freelancer I’ve been fortunate to work with some extremely exciting talent, from world renowned fashion houses to up and coming musicians and celebrities. Why do I get booked? Because I’m an absolute perfectionist, and my passion for product and making clients feel comfortable is second to none. Rapport for me is so important. Being up close and very personal with someone and their features is naturally kind of daunting for people, so putting them at ease genuinely is my speciality. 

The best thing I ever did throughout my career was take my butt off to Paris for fashion week on a hunch. It paid off, big time, and I got to work with some of the most inspiring designers of our time as part of the teams of the Makeup Artists I have idolised since my teens. Realising a passion that you’ve had since the age of 17 is incredibly rewarding, and I’m enjoying every new step of my journey as a makeup artist. I’m still just as excited by makeup as the girl copying the looks from the glossy magazines back in the day!